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To our awesome and dedicated fans, Shinobi Ninja wants to begin giving back to our community, and paying it forward. There are many great causes out there, and many people within our Shinobi Ninja Fan Base, and beyond, that could use a helping hand. One cause, that is hitting close to home in our Shinobi family, ​is our band mama Alison Meyers. She has worked with our band for 8 years now, and is an integral part of our Shinobi Team helping us put together merch, tour logistics, advertising, gear sponsorship and financing​. She’s been on dialysis for 15 years now, and is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. While she has been a trooper and a survivor, dialyzing 4x a week, it can leave her wiped out and with days of low energy. ​Alison is a huge asset to the band’s daily life , in the past and continuing into the future, and she needs our collective help!

While we understand that not everyone is in a position to offer a kidney to Alison, we are reaching out to our fans, and asking you to learn more about organ donation. Please take a moment to read Alison’s story (clicking on the link below), and talk to your friends and family, about becoming a donor. It will help the thousands of people on dialysis each day, to be able to have an enjoyable long life.

If organ donation isn’t a possibility, please think about donating a $1 or more ( please click the link below), to “A LIFE RENEWED”, by GhFitLab. It’s a specialized muscle therapy program, used by doctors at a Top 10 Chicago Hospital, for their patients on dialysis, and other debilitating illnesses by providing them the specified muscle therapy required, giving them the strength, hope, and energy, resulting them in successfully returning back to work, preparing them for surgery, and an overall better quality of life.

If you are interested in being a potential kidney donor to Alison, please click on her link below, or message us personally at: ​contactshinobininja@gmail.com

On behalf of all of us at Shinobi Ninja, we thank you for your time, thoughts and prayers, and for being the best fans around. ROCK ON SHINOBI NATION!!! ​https://ghfitlab.com/donatehttp://www.facebook.com/alison.meyers.58